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Tarmac Surfacing Contractors

Are you looking for the best tarmac surfacing contractors in your area? If you are thinking of resurfacing your path or driveway, then enlist the help of Steve Collins Surfacing. Our experienced team are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality resurfacing services. Our personalised customer approach and competitive prices make us the number one choice of contractors for tarmac surfacing you need.

Our tarmac surfacing contractors service

Tarmac and asphalt are one of the most popular materials of choice when resurfacing an area due to its durability and sustainability. It is most commonly used for driveways, paths, tennis courts and resurfacing badly damaged concrete due to its longevity and versatility. Not only is it a cost-effective option but it can give your property a sleek and professional finish. Don’t risk damaging your car on a driveway that is filled with potholes, instead, get our contractors for tarmac surfacing to lay high-quality tarmac to create a driveway that is beautifully smooth.

We can lay asphalt extremely quickly at around 150 square metres in just 90 minutes! Asphalt is laid while it’s hot and then left to cool, and the best thing is it can be laid on almost any surface with no need for excavation. Our tarmac surfacing contractors will tailor your driveway to your tastes. We can use extremely robust tarmac for surfaces that have a lot of heavy duty traffic, or different coloured asphalts for a more aesthetic finish. The micro asphalt that we use is specifically designed to penetrate the existing surface for an efficient finish.  The main benefits of investing in an asphalt driveway include:



Aesthetically pleasing


Easy to install

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So if you’re in need of a new driveway, or any other resurfacing service, our tarmac surfacing contractors can have your property looking as good as new in no time. One of our expert team can provide you with a FREE quote for our tarmac surfacing contractors service so that you can make a well-informed decision about the best surfacing for you.

Our tarmac surfacing contractors aftercare advice

When our team of contractors for tarmac surfacing have completed your new driveway, they will be happy to give you tips and tricks to look after and maintain your new surface. One of the great things about asphalt is that it is very easy to maintain and does not need a lot of TLC. We always use the best products on the market, so your asphalt driveway is guaranteed great longevity. However, in the event of any stains, cracks or other damage, tarmac and asphalt is easily repaired by our tarmac surfacing contractors.

Reasons to choose our contractors for tarmac surfacing projects

Steve Collins Surfacing has been established for over 25 years and our tarmac surfacing contractors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to laying asphalt and tarmac for all kinds of surfaces. Whether you want a small path resurfacing or a brand new tennis court, our dedicated professional will ensure each and every job is done with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our contractors for tarmac surfacing also have a range of other skills and services that they can provide you, including:

So if you would like to enlist our tarmac surfacing contractors for any other jobs, please get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be able to organise and give you more information about our projects. If you’re not sure if asphalt is the right surface for you, check out some of our tarmac surfacing contractors recent work in our gallery for inspiration.

All of our contractors for tarmac surfacing and other services are Checkatrade approved, so you can be confident you will receive a prompt and reliable service from us. To see what our recent customers have to say about our tarmac surfacing contractors, check out our reviews on our website.

“Fantastic, professional company which did an amazing job transforming the driveway into more than we had ever hoped for.”

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For the best tarmac surfacing contractors you can find, get in touch with Steve Collins Surfacing today. Contact us on 01202 604956 or email us at info@stevecollinssurfacing.co.uk.