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Tarmac Bournemouth

Do you want a tarmac driveway or path for your Bournemouth property? Steve Collins Surfacing provides a complete tarmac Bournemouth service. We specialise in the provision of tarmac driveways for domestic properties. In addition, we will construct upon request paths, tennis courts or driveways to suit all of your tarmac needs.

Our Bournemouth tarmac services

At Steve Collins Surfacing, we are committed to providing our Bournemouth customers with a superb Tarmacadam service; we have the skills and staff to fulfil the needs of our customers.

Why choose our tarmac in Bournemouth services?

If you are debating having a driveway installed or a new path, the options can be endless and may leave you more confused.  Not to worry as we will cover all the bases in our ‘Tarmac Bournemouth’ article today.

Benefits of tarmac

You have heard about tarmac but do you know the actual benefits of this wonderful material? Tarmac has the following benefits over similar materials:


Extremely durable

Flexible and can be laid on any surface

Easily maintained

Easy to repair

Tarmac Bournemouth

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What will Steve Collins Surfacing provide your property?

At Steve Collins, we have over 25 years of experience in laying down tarmac in Bournemouth. We combine expert workmanship with high-quality materials in all of Tarmacadam Bournemouth installations. All tarmac laid by Steve Collins Surfacing will be done via new and old techniques.

We stock a range of tarmac as every application will be different from the last and we pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ tarmac in Bournemouth requirements. We stock decorative smooth/coloured tarmac that is ideal for a reliable but different driveway, patio or path. In addition, we have heavy-duty Tarmacadam, which will cope with heavy traffic use.

If you wish to simply resurface a driveway, footpath, car park, etc. Stone mastic asphalt is the ideal product for all resurfacing needs. It is both cost and time effective and will only take around 90 minutes (if your driveway is approx. 150 square metres) to be fitted down on your drive.

Our micro-asphalt products will adhere to the pre-existing surface and will provide a durable coating that will last for years.  We will achieve great results on your property.

Why choose Steve Collins?

If you are debating whether to choose Steve Collins, look below to find out why we offer the best Bournemouth tarmac services:

  • Years of experience
  • Check-A-Trade certified
  • Approved by Bournemouth Borough Council
  • We provide a range of tarmac services
  • Expert team on all jobs

Contact us

For the best tarmac in Bournemouth service, please contact us on 01202 604956 .