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Tarmac and Asphalt Resurfacing Bournemouth

Is your driveway uneven? Or, are your roads difficult to drive? Don’t put up with it any longer and get in touch with Steve Collins Surfacing services. Our tarmac and asphalt resurfacing in Bournemouth will tidy the appearance of your driveways and paths in one smooth surface. Our tarmac and asphalt specialist will apply their skill in tarmac and asphalt to construct a quality surface that fits your requirements.

Our Bournemouth tarmac and asphalt resurfacing services Tarmac Bournemouth

At Steve Collins Surfacing, we believe that the exterior of your property says a lot about your business or home. Not only do appearances count, but also, without applying smooth ground works, you will be putting yourself and others at risk of accidents.

With a choice of two surfacing materials, you may be wondering which surfacing method you should use. Here, we tell you the difference between tarmac and asphalt and how they will benefit you when applied to the surface of your desire.

Tarmac resurfacing

As one of the most popular material used in many ground works, tarmac provides the most reliable form of surfacing available. Tarmac is made to withstand years of traffic, wear and weather. As a result, we guarantee that your tarmac resurfacing in Bournemouth will last whether it is for your driveway or road.

Our tarmac services expand from a heavy duty form that will endure constant traffic and pedestrian usage to the more decorative solution most commonly used for driveways. No matter what colour or pattern you choose, with Steve Collins Surfacing, your surfaces will be smooth and attractive with the tarmac surfacing we will apply.

Asphalt resurfacing

Asphalt, unlike tarmac, uses smaller fragments of stone mastic that will not only smooth over your current surface but will penetrate the existing surface for an all-round, even finish. As a result, Asphalt has become the most popular surfacing technique to use when applying to road, car park or pavement repairs.

Read about our tarmac asphalt surfacing for more information.

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What do you need resurfacing?

Whether you need to update your domestic property, or you want to resurface your commercial premises, our Bournemouth tarmac and asphalt services will deliver smooth surface results no matter the location.

We are more than happy to apply our tarmac and asphalt resurfacing in Bournemouth to any of the following:

Car parks





Driveway Pavers Bournemouth

Scroll through our gallery to see for yourself the superb finish of our resurfacing in Bournemouth.

Why choose Steve Collins Surfacing?

With over 25 years of experience in the surfacing industry, we will give every project the expert service of our ground works treatment. Clients seek our service because of the reliable and professional service we deliver and, as a result, we are proud members of Check-a-Trade. All of our tradesmen are trained and qualified to deliver the best surfacing results in Bournemouth.

Contact us

If you have noticed a crack in your pavings, don’t hesitate to contact Steve Collins Surfacing today for your tarmac and asphalt resurfacing in Bournemouth. Email info@stevecollinssurfacing.co.uk or contact us on 01202 604956.