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Road surfacing companies in Dorset

Is your road in desperate need of resurfacing? Contact Steve Collins Surfacing as we are one of the best road surfacing companies in Dorset. We have provided an excellent surfacing service for many years for many Dorset properties.

Dorset road surfacing companies

At Steve Collins Surfacing, we have established a reputation as one of the best road surfacing companies Dorset has to offer. We will surface the roads in your Dorset property using high-quality materials which ensure a long-lasting finish.

Concrete & Gravel

Concrete & gravel are a popular surfacing option for many of our customers in Dorset. Our company has established a reputation for the quality of our services and are known as one of the best Dorset road surfacing companies. If you have long and sweeping driveway then gravel is

We supply gravel and concrete in a wide range of colours and materials such as natural stone chippings and decorative gravel. If you want a beautiful road or driveway then one of our concrete or gravel driveways is the option for your home in Dorset.

Gravel and concrete have the following benefits over other materials:



Low maintenance

Looks great

We can match it pre-existing stone and bricks

Driveway Pavers Bournemouth

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Tarmac & Asphalt

Steve Collins Surfacing is the leading provider of tarmac and asphalt in Dorset. Every surface will be prepped and laid by our team of experts.

Tarmac or Tarmacadam to give its full name is one of the most popular materials for driveways and roads. As the number one Dorset road surfacing company, we provide high-quality tarmac which is able to withstand heavy traffic usage. It is a popular material with our customers as it is cost-effective, durable and can be laid on a wide range of surfaces in different colours

We also provide stone mastic asphalt if you want to redesign your tarmac or concrete surface. Stone mastic asphalt is well-suited to repair and resurfacing work. It will take around 90 minutes to resurface an area of 150 square metres with stone mastic with no need to excavate your property. Micro asphalt will adhere and penetrate the existing surface which will provide a long-lasting finish.


Visit the gallery to view previous examples of our surfacing services.

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