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Patio Ideas in Dorset

Is your garden looking a little uninspired? We can help bring your garden back to life with our patio ideas in Dorset. We have unbeatable knowledge on an array of surfaces and would be happy to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each one so you can feel confident that you’ve made the right decision for your outside space. Read on to find out more.

Why do you need our help with Dorset patio ideas?

Enjoy the glorious Dorset sunshine in your garden on an equally glorious patio from Steve Collins Surfacing. When it comes to choosing the right patio for you, it’s always great to delve deep into the possibilities. With so many stone types out there that can be arranged in an unlimited array of patterns, sometimes it’s good just to sit down and mull over the ideas rather than jumping at the first desirable design.

Many people attempt to bring their patio ideas in Dorset to life themselves. However if the correct groundworks haven’t been laid, your patio could become unstable and the structure won’t last. When it comes to Dorset patio ideas, Steve Collins Surfacing is a name you can trust for great advice, great design and great construction.

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What are the patio ideas Dorset that we can help with?

There are three materials that we specialise in laying. We’re here to give you more information about what you can do with each material to help you make the best decision for your garden.


How many people do you know with a cobblestone patio? Cobblestones are available in a range of colours and sizes and can be laid in completely unique patterns.  Cobblestones can really integrate your new patio into the surrounding greenery because the aesthetics are so natural. Cobblestone patio ideas in Dorset are fantastic options for those looking for a surface that becomes part of your garden, not just a feature of it.

While cobblestone patios are beautiful, they do require maintenance, which can be tricky when making sure that dirt is removed from every stone. On the upside, the stones are really water resistant, which means they’re less inclined to provide an attractive environment in which micro-organisms can grow and discolour the patio.

Because cobblestones are available in a huge array of sizes and colours, you can usually find a combination of stones that will enable you to create Dorset patio ideas in your price range.


Brick is one of the most common surfaces for patio ideas Dorset.  Hard and durable, brick patios have proven to survive the harshest conditions so long as external bricks are used. Once again, the patio ideas in Dorset are endless, with a variety of brick colours and shapes available to create the most unique patterns. Many people choose to make huge features out of their brick patios, using the array of materials available to create different patterns within the same design.

Brick patios are easy to maintain as long as they are laid using professional techniques. A professional surfacing company like Steve Collins Surfacing will seal the patio once completed so it is protected from the environmental elements. Many people choose to jet wash their patios every couple of years and weeds can easily be deterred. If over time, bricks eventually need replacing, this can be done on an as and when basis as bricks show natural wear and tear.

The price of a brick patio will depend on the complexities of your Dorset patio ideas. Some brick colours may also be more expensive to source, while a difficult design will be more time consuming.

Block Paving

Block paving is similar to brick paving, as the blocks are all manufactured to meet certain requirements. However with block paving, the different sizes and colours of the bricks available make a vast catalogue of patio ideas in Dorset possible. Block paving can make a unique and hugely attractive feature for your garden, and with smooth, rough and textured stones available, you can create a whole host of different effects too.

As with brick paving, it is important that all patio ideas in Dorset are carried out by a professional company for the block paving to be durable and hard wearing. Professional companies will be able to seal the surface, which can protect the colours from fading and help provide a weed-proof barrier – but this needs respraying over time.

Usually block paving patio ideas Dorset can be created to suit all budgets but be mindful that the more complex the pattern, the more labour time involved.

Why should you choose Steve Collins Surfacing?

With over 25 years in the trade, we have the knowledge and experience to completely transform your outside space with the most beautiful patio ideas Dorset has to offer. Over the years we have built on our knowledge to become the most skilled patio pavers in the trade, with every member of our team holding relevant certificates and qualifications.

We’ll ensure that every stage we complete meets our high standards so we can guarantee that you will receive years of satisfaction from your patio.

Our processes include:

Making sure that the ground is properly prepared before we lay the bricks

Laying each brick to match your chosen patio ideas in Dorset

Pointing all the joints with a high quality mix

Cleaning then sealing the patio so you are left with smart and tidy finish

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As members of check a trade and with a large proportion of our business coming from word of mouth, there is really is nowhere to hide.

When you choose Steve Collins Surfacing for your patio ideas in Dorset, you will benefit from our:

  • Free quotation service
  • Outstanding level of workmanship
  • 25 years in the industry
  • Reliable service

If you would like to see some of our recent work, take a look at our online gallery.

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