Drop Kerbs

Drop Kerbs

Many property owners seek to gain easier access to their driveway with the addition of a drop kerb. At Steve Collin Surfacing, we can help install this invaluable feature that increases property value, improves aesthetics, and bolsters accessibility. Our experts take all clients through a straightforward process, from application to installation.

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Why Invest in a Drop Kerb?

One of the main reasons why property owners choose to invest in a drop kerb is because it allows for improved vehicle access. With a drop kerb, your vehicle will be able to get into your driveway easily without it or the kerb being damaged. There are several more advantages to having a drop kerb installed, including:

With a drop kerb, you can ensure that your driveway is a safely accessible area of your property. With better drainage and reduced chances of accidents, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a beneficial long-term investment in your home. We also do all the application and licenses needed for the council. Our experts are happy to outline the many benefits offered by drop kerbs, as well as offer advice on how to ensure that they’re maintained correctly.

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