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Dorset Artificial Grass Suppliers

Have you Googled ‘artificial grass suppliers Dorset’? If so, do away with that troublesome turf today and call Steve Collins Surfacing on 01202 604956 for the best alternative solution. As the leading Dorset artificial grass suppliers, we have helped hundreds of satisfied customers transform their outdoor space at prices that are highly competitive.

The number one choice for artificial grass suppliers in Dorset

Nothing is worse than spending your free time nurturing your garden only to be let down by your lawn. Turf can be expensive to lay only to have it die on you within a few months. Here at Steve Collins Surfacing, we excel as the most reliable Dorset artificial grass suppliers around. We provide a fantastic cost-effective alternative that will have your garden looking magnificent all year around.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, you won’t be disappointed with the results. We supply enough artificial grass to meet all of your needs in full, and we will even lay the grass for you to ensure professional results. For more information about how our artificial grass suppliers in Dorset can help, please see below.

What can our artificial grass suppliers Dorset team do for you?

Before we start, we highly recommend that you arrange to meet with our friendly Dorset artificial grass suppliers. Our experts will visit your site and provide you with a full design service including product selection and a FREE quotation. The options supplied by our artificial grass suppliers in Dorset are diverse and include:


Roof gardens

Play areas

Sports surfaces

Commercial premises

Swimming pool surrounds

Holiday homes

Driveway Pavers Bournemouth

Book Your Free Survey

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01202 604956

Once you have selected the type of surface that you would like our Dorset artificial grass suppliers to install, we will take care of the rest. For our professional team, laying an artificial grass surface takes virtually no time at all. All work is carried out by our fully qualified specialists in-line with British industry standards. As the most thoughtful artificial grass suppliers Dorset has to offer, we will pay you and your home and utmost respect and ensure your outdoor space is left neat and tidy.

Benefits of artificial grass over real turf

Before you consider laying down real turf in your back garden, it’s worth considering the many benefits of artificial grass. To help in this area, we’ve listed a few of these benefits below.

Saves you money on water bills

Any lawn comprised of real turf requires regular watering in order to keep it looking its best. This can be a major issue during the warmer months where hosepipe bans may be enforced resulting in grass that is dead or dying. Your water bills will also be impacted with hundreds of litres of water required per year to keep your grass looking healthy. With our Dorset artificial grass suppliers, these problems will be a thing of the past.

Eliminates the need for pesticides

Weed growth and pests are a major issue that will impact the health of any real turf lawn. There are many pesticides and herbicides available, but these usually cost a fortune and can have a harmful impact on both people and animals. The beauty of the products supplied by our artificial grass suppliers in Dorset is that they require no chemicals whatsoever to keep your lawns looking their very best.

Ideal for rented accommodation

As a landlord, your property is your investment, so you’ll understandably want to keep it looking its best. Your tenants may not necessarily share your desire, however, which can result in the lawn not being cut. Alternatively, your tenants may end up using far too much water resulting in escalating water bills. By calling our Dorset artificial grass suppliers, you can sit back and forget all about your lawn.

Great for kids and pets

Thanks to the unique design of artificial grass, it is far softer underfoot than regular turf making it a preferred choice for young children and pets. Plus, it is incredibly easy to hose down and can even stand up to the torrent of water produced by pressure washers. If you’d prefer not to use water, the products supplied by our artificial grass suppliers Dorset team can also be easily swept down.

No fuss involved

Above all else, the key benefit of choosing our Dorset artificial grass suppliers is the convenience that our products afford you with. These maintenance-free options require no cutting and no watering which means less time wasted and more time spent relaxing with friends and family.

So, if you’re looking for artificial grass suppliers in Dorset and have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the experts at Steve Collins Surfacing now.

What makes us the most trusted Dorset artificial grass suppliers?

Here at Steve Collins Surfacing, we understand how frustrating it can be wasting time and money keeping your outdoor spaces looking perfect. With 25 years of experience as the finest artificial grass suppliers Dorset has experienced, we are, without a doubt, the number one choice for home and business owners across the local area.

Throughout the years, our fully qualified artificial grass suppliers in Dorset have provided outstanding solutions to hundreds of customers. As a result, we trade largely on our reputation with much of our work coming to us via customer referrals. We also routinely benchmark our services against those of our competitors so you can be confident that we are among the most affordable artificial grass suppliers Dorset has seen.

With so many other companies to choose, we’d like to list a few things that set us apart and makes us the preferred choice for customers everywhere:

  • Brett approved 
  • Street Works approved
  • Work alongside local authorities
  • Check-A-Trade approved
  • Full Dorset coverage
  • Wide range of services

So, if you’re in the market for a new lawn and are sick of being let down by real turf, why not see what our Dorset artificial grass suppliers can do for you.


For a new lawn that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, give Steve Collins Surfacing a call today on 01202 604956. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Dorset artificial grass suppliers by sending an email to [email protected].