Coloured Tarmac Drives

Did you know that tarmac doesn’t just come in regulation black? That’s right tarmac does come in more than one colours. At Steve Collins Surfacing, there is a wealth of colours for you to choose from when you select our driveways today. When you choose our company, you will not regret the decision, Call 01202 604956 today.


Tarmac, as you are probably aware is extremely popular with homeowners and commercial property owners as a driveway material. The durability of tarmac is very rarely matched by other materials. There are many driveways in existence that have last for many years. We have the skills to lay tarmac on a range of different surfaces.

We found that over the years that more and more customers wanted to give their new driveway a little spark to make it stand out from the rest. If this sounds like you then our coloured tarmac drives are just the thing for you. Our company also specialises in pathways and can lay coloured tarmac for vital paths as required.

When applying your new coloured tarmac driveway, we use the finest tarmac on the market as this ensures it lasts for a long time while looking new for longer. We use a mixture of traditional and new techniques when laying the tarmac as we want the best for our customers. All driveways are laid by the team at Steve Collins Surfacing and will have what it takes to deliver excellent for our customers across the South of England.

The beauty of our coloured tarmac drives is that they are easy to maintain so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love. In the event that your new driveway should get stained or damaged, a quick phone call to the team at Steve Collins Surfacing is all that is needed. The application of another tarmac layer can sometimes suffice.


Investing in a new tarmac driveway is a decision that you will not be taking lightly. We understand for our customers that it is important to make an informed decision, which is why we have written up the benefits of this service underneath:

  • Stand out from your neighbours or competitors
  • Will last for many years
  • One of the most durable options on the market
  • Tailored to your property and you
  • Great investment

Don’t miss out on your very-own coloured driveway today – call 01202 604956 today.


Want to see great photos of our coloured tarmac drives? Browse our gallery to see previous examples of our work that we have uploaded to our wonderful gallery. If you like the look of anything in the gallery, do let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate a similar design for you.



As a company, we have over 25 years of experience to our name, and that’s not including the combined experience of our team! You can relax knowing that your new coloured tarmac driveway will be installed to the highest standard. We have a wealth of successful projects to our name and will be happy to refer you to any of our previous customer sand their completed projects.

In addition to experience, our team have all of the important qualifications one can expect from a company of our stature. We hire our team based on their qualifications and their work ethic as we want to give each and every customer the very best service. You can relax knowing that when you choose us, your driveway will be in the best of hands.

We have left the best to last as a little treat for reading this article. Give our company a call today by dialling 01202 604956 to discuss your coloured tarmac driveway requirements. We will go through the many options that we provide including colours and your needs. You will shortly receive a free quotation from our team for the cost of our services, which will stay the same. For more details, we advise that you contact us now.

“Completed satisfactorily in accordance with arrangements.”

Customer in Bournemouth – Tarmac resurfacing of driveway and path


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