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Brickwork Specialist Poole

Are you looking for a professional brickwork specialist? Poole customers should consider their search concluded, as Steve Collins Surfacing is one of the best and most affordable options around. Regardless of what your expectations might be, know that we’ll always aim to exceed them. We offer brickwork solutions that are ahead of the curve, and all you need to do to benefit from them is to call us on 01202 604 956.

The Number One Brickwork Specialist in Poole

Even the most well-designed space can be lacking if that crucial focal point is absent. By focal point, we mean a feature that serves as a centrepiece of sorts. Something which helps to bring all the various elements of a space together so that everything seems less disjointed. Brickwork features are an excellent way to do this, especially when created by a top brickwork specialist, Poole customers.

Brickwork features can be marvellous in appearance as well as being strong, durable, and functional, too. It could be a wall which serves to define boundaries while framing other standout features. Or it could be a set of steps that provides elevation while preserving the style and flow of the space. Whatever the scenario, know that our Poole brickwork specialist has you covered.

A Brickwork Specialist Poole Customers Can Count On

At Steve Collins Surfacing, we understand just how to create the best possible brickwork features while avoiding the usual pitfalls.

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Pitfalls such as bowing, settlement, or subsidence. While incorrect or insufficient maintenance can be a factor, so too can repointing using the wrong type of mortar or using the wrong materials in the initial construction. With our brickwork specialist in Poole, you’ll never have to contend with these issues.

A comprehensive service is provided by our brickwork specialist. Poole customers, we can create entirely new features for your outdoor space, or we can inspect and repair existing ones. Our extensive expertise ensures that whatever service you require of us, it will be carried out to a high standard.

So, if you need to enlist a Poole brickwork specialist, look no further than Steve Collins Surfacing.


Give us a call, and we’ll arrange a time to visit your property that’s convenient for you. We’ll discuss your requirements, establish how much you’re willing to spend, take measurements, and survey the area. You’ll receive impartial advice from us and receive a quote for our services. If you’re happy with the fee we’ve quoted and the designs we’ve proposed or the work we’ve suggested, we’ll set a date to get started.

Brickwork is a very specialised trade and should never be attempted by someone without the necessary knowledge or skill. To do so would end with results that would be less than desirable. It will cost you more in the long run, and you won’t end up with the features you originally envisioned. From refacing bricks using a coloured mortar to repointing or even constructing new brickwork features, our capabilities are virtually limitless.

Other Services

Speaking of capabilities, if there’s something else you require of us, you’ll be delighted to hear that we offer other services too, such as:

So, if you need anything else from our brickwork specialist, Poole customers, just let us know.

Work carried out by our brickwork specialist in Poole.

What Makes Us the Number One Poole Brickwork Specialist?

For more than 25 years, Steve Collins Surfacing has served as the go-to company for customers throughout the Dorset area. Our expertise is extensive, and the skill and dedication of our team are undeniable. When dealing with our friendly, reliable family-run company, you’ll always be left feeling entirely satisfied.

We pride ourselves on being the finest brickwork specialist Poole has to offer. When you see for yourself just what we’re able to offer, we think you’ll agree that our claim is one that we’re most certainly able to back up. And when you hire our expert team, you’ll only ever pay a price that’s competitive and affordable.

Whether you require honest and impartial advice or a practical, affordable solution, we’re always happy to listen. No wonder we’re considered by many to be the most accommodating brickwork specialist in Poole.

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Want to get in touch with our brickwork specialist? Poole customers can call Steve Collins Surfacing on 01202 604 956, fill out our online contact form, or drop us an email at [email protected].